Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All Florida Bike Polo Championship Re-Cap

This past weekend was the All Florida Bike Polo Championship held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There were a total of 15 teams from all over Florida competing for the golden mallet. 
The Florida polo community really came together on this one! 

1. Polo Furies (FT Lauderdale)- each won wheelsets from eighthinch
2. Jose Marti (Tampa) - each won wheelsets from Giant & swag
3. Sarasota (Sarasota) - bike parts from Alien bikes & swag
4. Duvalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (aka Cherri and the Rockettes - Jacksonville) -swag bags
5. Boner Jamz (Ft Lauderdale) - swag bags
6. TampaSoda (Tampa & Sarasota)
7. TallaNasty (Tallahassee-Ft Lauderdale)
8. TallaClassy (Tallahassee)
9. Fists of Beer (Sarasota)
10. Oreo (Ft Lauderdale-Orlando)
11. Stash Infection (Ft Meyer)
12. Bob Saget (Ft Meyer)
13. Jungle Jams (Ft Meyer)
14. Mouths of Velvet (Ft Meyer) - official DFL
15. El Chupacabra (Ft Lauderdale)

MVP: Seth aka Noodlehead, FTL- won a pair of Velocity Chukkers
DFL: Mouths of Velvet, Ft. Meyers- t-shirts from 
knog & Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
Top Losers Bracket: TampaSoda, Tampa/Sarasota- used frame from 
getridofmybike.com & shirts from Heart of Gold
Most Valuable Goalie: Kelli, FTL- won a pologaurd from 
Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
Best Co-ed team: Jungle Jamz, Ft. Meyers- hip bags from 
aable.me & Burro Bags
Special recognition Female: Valeri, Sarasota- handmade jacket from Headset Clothing

City with most teams- Ft. Meyers- won a mallet bag from Pikey Bags
Top Goals Scored, Males: Jared, Pete, Danny, Stu
Top Goals Scored, Females: Amanda, Sam, Kelli, Cherri- won wallets from 

All Florida love.

Tallahassee handing over the golden mallet to Ft. Lauderdale.

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