Friday, September 25, 2009


Barcelona, Spain

Arriving into Barcelona was hectic, to say the least. We were sick of the trains, the streets were flooded with a festival, and the only thing on our mind was polo...

We found the courts, took a nap on the park benches that surround the perfect circle court, and woke up to the local Barcelona players skidding into the park.  All welcomed us with open arms, and mallets to borrow.

Their courts, La Aspirina, are in central Barcelona. One of the most unique courts I have seen being a circle, in a pit, and a very slippery surface due to some dirt on the courts.

The guys (yes, only guys) have been playing for just about 9 months now, starting in January 2009. Everyone (as of now) are riding fixed, about half brakeless. Some friends in the fixed gear community spread the word about bike polo, and now they are hooked.
Their first mallets were made with wooden heads, and were really heavy. They lasted about a month and now their mallets are looking pretty good.
Since the addiction, they play three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I think the one thing this polo community is lacking is some ladies!
They've formed a few teams within their community now, and are hoping to "do something" at the Bicycle Film Festival Bike Polo Tournament in Paris Oct 16th. They only have one tournament under their belt, so hopefully you will be hearing about these boys after Paris....

Barcelona's fixed gear boutique, "My Beautiful Parking"   You can seriously find anything you would need/want for a fixed gear, or single speed bike. Gorgeous completes, parts, wheels, etc. all for a really affordable price. This shop also doubles as a "parking garage" for bicycles. Bicycle theft is sadly growing in Barcelona, and this is a safe way to store your bicycle. You can even rent a fixed gear bike if you come to visit Barcelona bike-less!

While on a night ride with the local "trick" dudes in Barcelona, they brought us to this gem. Famous in BMX videos, (not sure what this spot is called though) I can see why one could spend all night here.

El Polodromo 
Calle Aragon 446 
Barcelona, Spain

More photos from Barcelona here!

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